About This Project

Wear Out The Silence” is a campaign asking white people to wear Black Lives Matter t-shirts as a way for us to bring the racial-justice conversation deeper into our daily lives. We want to use these conversations to move more white people into action, and to make visible the many people supporting the Movement For Black Lives.

This project was initiated by Maya and Anna, a 14-year old and her aunt, who birthed this idea while in conversation with friends and family around a kitchen table. It is supported by Bay Area SURJ and the Youth and Families Committee. Accountability is very important to us and before moving forward with this campaign sought feedback and support from people of color and movement leaders about the use of the phrase “Black Lives Matter” in a campaign aimed in part, at white people.

On this website you will find conversation guides about how to start some of these conversations, and some suggestions for answering common questions like, “Don’t all lives matter?” or “What about blue lives?”

We also have suggested curriculums for developing your racial capacities and learning more about the Movement for Black Lives and white supremacy.

We would love to hear about your experiences wearing the shirt and some of the conversations that it sparked. Let us know what came up for you. In what ways were you nervous, and in what ways were you surprised? Post photos and your experiences on our Facebook page.

These shirts are union-made in Berkeley, California by Alliance Graphics. All profits from the sale of this shirt will go to support black-led organizing.

For more information, check out our FB page and the Bay Area chapter of Showing Up for Racial Justice. On twitter we are #wearoutthesilence.

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