I Wear My Black Lives Matter Shirt For Those Who Won’t


I wear my Black Lives Matter shirt, for those who won’t. For those that are confused, unsure, or even offended at the idea. I wear this shirt, because I am a combat veteran, and I don’t need reminding why I fought, or whom I fought for. I believe Black Lives Matter; not because I might have black ancestors, not because I have black friends, not because I’m being told I ought to. I freely wear it because it is simply the right step toward ensuring Black Lives are held just as precious as anyone else’s, including my white self. I wear it because I will not tolerate social, or racial injustice, and those who oppress will know it the moment they see me.

James Marx


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  1. Thanks James, first for your service and second for taking a stand for the very things you fought for. I am proud of you and proud to be a fellow American citizen. Your words spoke the very things I have been feeling. I am with you and I am with this movement. As a white male I see this point in time as an opportunity to stand with other black and white Americans for what should be common to all people. True freedom and access to the same opportunities as others. Today I am wearing my Eric Garner, “I Can’t Breathe” shirt. Stay strong and continue to stand as we wear out the silence together. PEACE


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