Wear Out The Silence

June 2020 Update:

Buy the T-shirt, support Black-led organizing, and wear responsibly.

Wear out the silence with conviction, knowledge, and accountability. 

In this moment of continued white supremacist violence towards Black lives, more and more white people and families are looking for ways to take more urgent and meaningful action towards racial justice in America.

When white people wear Black Lives Matter shirts, it is imperative that they are actively centering the experiences and solutions from those communities harmed by anti-Black racism, such as the platform developed by Movement For Black Lives. At no time is this centering more important than now, as we face a global pandemic and a national epidemic of police violence.

We recognize that the recent police killings of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor arise from this country’s institutionalization of white supremacy and related precedence of state sanctioned war against Black, Brown, and Indigenous people. We honor the ongoing resistance to police terror and expressions of grief that surround it. When wearing the message of Black Lives Matter, we ask you to center your conversations around the long history of police brutality, the need for decarceration, and divestment from the police.

We also see how our collective and political responses to the COVID-19 pandemic reveal the crass inequities in our society and the fact that Black people are hit hardest when disaster strikes. Racial injustices persist in how relief funds are allocated, in access to education and housing, and in systems spanning criminal punishment, healthcare, and voting. Now, more than ever, is the time to send the message that Black Lives Matter.

This is a moment for collective liberation and white families can be empowered to step into this moment. Wear Out the Silence asks us to take our own blinders off first, so we can teach our children to be race-conscious, not colorblind. As white people we have been taught to avoid and fear conversations about race, and in our discomfort, we remain silent. This turning away and lack of urgency taught us, and teaches our white children generation after generation, that the racial inequities that plague our society are not our problems. We want to support white people and families to grow their capacities to have meaningful everyday conversations about race, systemic inequities, and how we can leverage our white bodies for justice. Help kids see Black Lives Matter as a call to action, and talk about how you and your family can join the fight for collective liberation.

Ending White Silence asks white people to act with urgency right now, but it also speaks to the ways that white people have stayed quiet when Black people were asking us to hear and act.  White silence has had deadly consequences for Black lives and ending white silence requires us to understand and acknowledge that centuries of brutality and state violence against Black people continued while white people looked away, not believing what Black people told us until we saw it with our own eyes on our screens. Ending white silence requires us to never look away again.

On this website, you will find suggestions on how to lean into these conversations and commit to deepening your own understanding of how racism operates so that we can help our children and ourselves learn anti-racist thinking and behaviors.

100% of the shirt proceeds are going to Black-led organizing.

Wear Out The Silence is a partnership with Bay Area Showing Up For Racial Justice.

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